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Untitled-1The Breakpoint Method has played on multiple famous festivals, including Rockstar Energy’s Taste of Chaos Tour and Van’s Warped Tour

They have shared the stage and provided direct support for Superstar bands such as CHEVELLE, In This Moment, Saliva, and Pierce the Veil… of course that’s just to name a few of many.

This completely independent band  (originally from a near barren music scene in Central Kansas) has made leaps and bounds to relocate to the city of Denver, CO and have toured extensively across the Midwest, South, and Eastern Coastal United States!

Many fans have stated time and time again that The Breakpoint Method has one of the “most intense and electrifying live shows” they’ve ever seen. However, their live show purely enhances the quality of their music, which is nothing less than the best. Blood, sweat, and tears have LITERALLY been shed over the years as the band has worked endlessly to produce a relatable product. Their music not only tells the stories of hardships that people around the world can relate to, but caused turmoil within their personal lives as they were away from family and loved ones more often than most relationships can endure. For these reasons alone, giving you a free download to some of this very special content is MORE than just a treat.

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